Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sram xx product demo...

i was lucky enough to hit sram's product demo today. the sram van pulled up with a truck load of bikes all decked out with sram xx 2x10 mountain system.

as a shop we could get all the literature on a product. get talked up about it from our reps. but until you get a chance to ride it...that's another story.

the 2x10 system is an amazing system, and it is nice to see it already trickling down to some of sram's other groups, so you don't have the sticker shock of xx.

the advantage of the 2x10 system is:
weight. it's a lighter system than anything else out there.
cross-shifting. coming into a shop we tell you all the time not to do this. well this is what it is made for. it gets rid of the granny gear and riding big to big is not a problem.
shifting. the chainring ratio; the small ring is exactly 2/3 of the big ring. this allows crisper shifting up front. four point up shift locations. and with this ratio, the chain is always engaged on the chainrings during shifting. what does this mean? you never loose power during your shift, even under load.
cassette. the main body of the cassette is a single piece forged stainless steel piece. except for the 'low gear'; which is aluminum.
less clutter. the brake levers, shift levers, and the lock out for the shock are all able to be on one clamp with their patiented match make technology.
custom fit. the shifter levers are able to be rotated 30 degrees for reach. and the brake levers are able to be adjusted for reach also.

so if you're looking to upgrade your existing drivtrain, or interested in a new bike; i'd seriously take a look at what sram is doing, both on road and off. come on in and talk to us about it.

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Mac said...

Nice bikes, they must be pricey.

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