Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Giant Product 2011, Deer Valley

Why is this a great industry?? because the people, product, and lifestyle. After a busy "Right Side" Tour on Sunday I headed out to Deer Valley, Utah; for Giants 2011 Product Launch. After Trying to pack up in the I bring the body armor..wait it won't fit ....wait what am I missing, I made the trek out.
Tues: Product meetings 8-3...then ride. That sounds like a good day! 2011 looks great! Great speech from Elysa Walk, General Manager of Giant USA. Great Trails at Deer Valley. 5 Runs in, 3 with a Giant Trance( 5" travel) 2 w/ a Faith ( 7.6 Travel). The Faith just handles like a bike that should be 28 lbs. Awesome.. Then out to Olympic Park for dinner, drinks and a killer show of future and former Olympic skiers in their training ground. It was a true athletic spectacle. Most impressive by far was Giant's General manager taking the first run. Video footage to follow, but not quite that tech savey in the mountains.
Now they have to bus all the dealers ( the top 10% of Giants Dealers mind you) back to the hotel...Back to why I love this industry. As soon as we get on the bus someone says " we need a beer run", the next guy says " we want to got to the bars on Park City's main st"...more "beer run" request follow. Mind you the driver of the big bus is just supposed to take us back to the hotel. BUT the bikers win, he will take us on a beer run and take the others to the bar, then the rest back to the hotel. After the quick drop off at the local store we emerge with beer and get back on the bus... now this is where the difference occurs...the next dealer emerges from the store and hands out ice cream bars with chocolate to every one on the bus....

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