Monday, January 19, 2009

Cabin Fever?

The snow and ice are not going to melt anytime soon. Nokian steel studded tires are a great option to keep you from slidding on the ice. We have sold a number of these for people still commuting. One guy road into the store with these last Thursday. I think it was about -3 degrees at the time. Props to him! 240 studs will grip the slippery stuff. These are available in both Hybrid and Mountain sizes. (26x2.1 or 700x37). I have found them a great fit for "fitness bikes" like the Giant FCR or a Kona Dew. We keep a set in stock in the 700x37 or we can order it for you in just a couple days. Sounds like the perfect thing for the Vultures Knob Cyclocross Like Experience!

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hamad said...

hey...anybody else doing the knob cross?