Monday, November 28, 2011

In the Press!

Sun News and recently ran a story on our newest store.

"There is so much available here in the line of bike paths. The city has a designated bike lane right here on Front Street, we have the Cleveland Metroparks, which is terrific, and people are commuting more to work now," he said. "This is a fairly under-serviced market. And the area, with its small, older, historic downtown fits us well."

MRC alumni Mr. Nick Wright just did a article/interview for on one of our favorite companies..Moots! READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

"A full-time production staff of 15 makes Moots’ frames by hand, about 1,500 annually, through a precision process that entails designing, mitering, machining, welding and finishing. Tube diameters and thicknesses vary with each bike’s size to maintain ride characteristics for the smallest through largest size. For example, a 56 cm Vamoots, a mid-size classic road frame, would use 1 1/2 in. OD top tube (from the seat to handlebars) and down tube (seat to pedals), with a 0.032 in. or 0.035 in. wall thickness, Cariveau says.
In its 15,000-sq.-ft. shop, Moots uses a half-dozen Bridgeport mills that are set up for different tooling, depending on the cut, cope or slot desired, according to Butch Boucher, quality control manager. “We’ve made a lot of our own mitering fixtures for specific tasks, that’s why we have so many mills,” he says. Additionally, Moots relies on Haas Automation and SuperMax Tools machining centers. “We try to set up as many dedicated tools as we can to do our jobs.”

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