Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Mother of all Commuting Bikes.....

Sometimes collaboration with customers, numerous employees, and small unique manufactures can produce quite the bicycles. Here we have our most unique build of the year. First we start of with a Rawland 650b Dsogn frameset. A great multi purpose frame ideal for commuting, mountain biking or urban riding. Then on to a simple drivetrain; Shimano internal 8spd Alfine rear hub paired to a Shimano double compact crank in front. Thats right a "single speed" but with 2 gears in front for a total of 16speeds. Now what to use for shifters?? The client wants drop bars but Shimano does not make shifters for internal hubs for a drop bar. HMMMMM? Lots o' research and we come up with a VERSA STI style right hand shifter paired with a old school barend shifter for the left.
Wait, we need some good lights. Shimano Dynamo front hub produces the power paired with Lumotech Lights from Peter White Cycles ( we are a dealer). These lights will stay on for four minutes with the bike stopped and have a on/off or automatic on when dark switch. All built up on hand built wheels using Velocity 650 rims. Add some Planet Bike Fenders....and finish it off with Brooks B17 Womens saddle and Leather Bar Tape.

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frankenbiker said...

Wow Jacob!,nice ride.I wish I could have seen it before it left the shop.Not to nit-pick,but 8X2=16.LOL!