Monday, December 15, 2008


is the most important accessory that a cyclist is able to have.

a couple of days ago a friend of mine was asking what kind of clothing he needed to ride in cold weather. i pointed some essentials out to him; some he had, others he needed. this is the inspiration for this post.

in cleveland, you are able to ride all year round; regardless of weather. of course there are a few days that are un-ridable, but other than're good to go. with the proper clothing, you won't notice how cold it really is. i've spent years building my clothing collection. now, during the summer it is easy...jersey, shorts, gloves (or not); done. winter is another beast.

there are many options out there; for many weather conditions. you don't want to be too hot, or too cold. some essentials would be; a base layer, good tights, wool/cold weather jersey, jacket (and not one of those 'wind jackets'), and don't forget a good pair of socks. and if you feel you need them...winter shoes.

personally; i have about three base layers, three different pairs of gloves, four different styles of wool jerseys (not to mention my heavier cold weather jerseys), one winter jacket, many other jackets, bibs, knickers, tights, shoe covers, winter shoes, and a ton of socks.

granted; this is all over a course of many years, but it has become a wise investment in my riding during the winter, and cold days. so the only thing that is able to hold me back


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